Membership in APCA

Membership is by invitation. It is a privilege and not a right, and it is contingent upon continuing compliance with the bylaws of the APCA. No person shall be elected or remain a member unless he or she is of good moral character and adheres to accepted principals of medical ethics. Membership shall be limited and the candidates to be nominated for membership shall be determined at the Society Meeting by the Officers and Council Members.

Classes of Membership:

There are 4 classes of membership: Founder, Active, Associate and Honorary


Those people who have been actively proposing the foundation of the Association and who are present at the inauguration or their written nominees, all of whom need to be actively involved in the management of craniofacial deformity.


Shall be legally qualified, reputable practicing surgeons who are active in craniofacial surgery and who have made worthwhile contributions in this field of endeavour.


Shall be individuals who have contributed to the understanding and/or treatment of disorders of the craniofacial region. They need not necessarily be actively engaged in the practice of craniofacial surgery.


Honorary members shall be individuals whom the Society deems worthy of special honor because of notable contributions in the field of craniofacial surgery or because of long activity in the interests of the Society.

See bylaws for full membership requirements

Application for Membership

Completed applications for Active and Associate membership must be submitted to the APCA Secretariat by a date three months before the Society Meeting.

APCA Active Membership Form Download in PDF

APCA Associate Membership Form Download in PDF

Membership fees

Membership expires after two(2) years and is renewed by paying the membership dues fee. Members delinquent for more than 2 years may be dropped from the membership by action of the Officers and Council.

Member fees
Level Payment Duration
Associate Membership $100 AUD Membership expires after two years
Active Membership $200 AUD Membership expires after two years

Membership Renewal form for 2018-2020 (PDF 257 KB)